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An intelligent solution building and consulting company providing advanced AI and ML based products and solutions for content security empowered with our patented algorithms. Kvinna is an innovation gateway to address modern context based learning needs. We provide innovative solutions for content security, intelligent connectivity and data analytics. Our consultancy, mentoring and solutions have resulted in value creation for more than a dozen companies and institutes.

Empower customers with insightful and intelligent solutions and products to create better knowledge value for business and society.


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Kvinna enables customers with innovative and accurate Machine Learning and AI models to deal with next generation data problems. Our game changing products and solutions create value across the complete value chain, with proven results of improvement. Our consultancy, mentoring and solutions has resulted in empowerment for more than one dozen companies and institutes. We offer consultation in advanced ML techniques, big data analytics and product building to cope up with big data and requirements of architecture needs of modern products. A small team with experts who know your problems, who can offer you right directions and most importantly work with you and deliver products for you, is what Kvinna is all about.



40% of the women across the world are deprived of right and timely medical advise. The maternal death rate is around 167 women per One lac in India as oppose 10 to 15 in developed countries. Lack of a context aware medical platform for mother and child care, overall wellness of a woman, and girl child care is a major reason for the same. Kvinna focuses on building a Context Map for every patient so that no one is deprived of right and timely medical advice. Healthcare and health care insurance need different Machine Learning (ML) paradigms to address the problems in this domain. This Product is based on our patented Reverse Hypothesis and context based Machine Learning. It allows building context maps using learning based on uncertainties and exceptions.

Technologies Used

Kvinna uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Machine learning is used primarily for learning from new scenarios apart from context mapping and classification. Additionally it uses IOT for collecting specific information related to health for building a complete context for woman care. This includes pregnancy and wellness bands, wearables, movement assessment and smart toilets. The product also helps to track wellness of mother and child. Kvinna goes beyond typical pattern based machine learning to address the health care issues by context map association paradigm. The context is build using data points derived from data coming in from multiple sources. Our patented context building approach helps to rank the context maps with reference to patients. Thisgives insights to doctors and improves efficiency of diagnosis.


Focused, Research Oriented and Enthusiastic group of Professionals fond of creative experimentation

Dr. Parag Kulkarni
Chief Scientist & CEO
Dr. Mrudula Kulkarni
Chief Medical Officer
Sameer Atre
Chief Technical Officer